Feast of St. Anthony 2018

Currents News reports on the 2018 Feast of St. Anthony at our parish.

Honoring St. Anthony in Park Slope

Honoring St. Anthony in Park Slope
Currents, June 13, 2016

Anthony of Padua is one of the best-known saints of the Church; credited as a miracle-worker and finder of lost items. The Italian community at Our Lady of Peace, Park Slope, celebrates this Franciscan priest every year with many traditions including oil, lilies, and bread. Currents Correspondent Katie Breidenbach explains.

Our Lady of Peace Blesses Gowanus Canal (Slideshow)

On Earth Day, Time to Bless Gowanus Canal
The Tablet, April 27, 2016
By Marie Elena Giossi
With Slideshow

Standing on the Carroll Street Bridge, participants offered prayers, reflections and hymns before pouring small bottles of holy water over the blue railing.

As the final drops trickled into one of the nation’s most contaminated waterways, Father Patrick Boyle, O.F.M., pastor of Our Lady of Peace, asked God to send forth His Spirit upon the waters of the canal “to gowanus3-552x375restore them to their natural beauty and wealth.”

Margaret Vollaro, a resident for 78 years, recalls a time when the canal “was nice, very beautiful.

“We had crabs running in here. But now,” her voice trailed off and she shook her head.

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Gowanus Canal Blessed For The First Time

Currents, April 22, 2016
It’s notoriously known as one of the dirtiest waterways in the United States, but this Earth Day, the Gowanus Canal received a blessing of Holy Water from parishioners of Our Lady of Peace in Park Slope, Brooklyn and St. Francis College. Michelle Powers reports from the scene of the blessing. 

Christmas Tree, Nativity At Grand Army Plaza

Christmas Tree, Nativity At Grand Army Plaza
Currents, December 17, 2015
For the first time in more than a decade, Prospect Park has a Nativity scene.  As we hear from Currents correspondent Katie Breidenbach, it’s there this year through a team effort on the part of a Brooklyn pastor and the Brooklyn Diocese’s media arm.

Brooklynite Recalls Catholic Day Nurseries

Brooklynite Recalls Catholic Day Nurseries
The Tablet, March 4, 2015

Brooklyn Navy Yard
MKG_FrPerryShortly after its founding, ICDN moved to a house at 117 Sands Street, where it operated for nearly 50 years until the city condemned the property to make way for the Brooklyn- Queens Expressway. In cooperation with the N.Y.C. Housing Authority, the nursery relocated to the Farragut Houses, 32 Navy Street, in 1952.

Similar day nurseries opened for Italian children at 47 Front Street in July, 1894, and in the parishes of St. Joseph, Prospect Heights, 1896, and St. Cecilia, Greenpoint, 1904.

Under Bishop Thomas E. Molloy, more day nurseries opened at St. Thomas Settlement, Kent Ave.; in the parishes of Our Lady of Loreto, St. Finbar, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Our Lady of Peace and Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii; and in Jamaica.

Eventually, the nurseries fell under Catholic Charities’ supervision and admitted children of any race, color or creed on the basis of need, and offered medical and case services. In the 1960s, many programs closed due to changing times, tensions in race relations, increasing costs and an inability to meet required standards.

St. Anthony Continues To Inspire

St. Anthony Continues to Inspire
Currents, June 13, 2014
Currents correspondent Katie Breidenbach visited Our Lady of Peace Church in Park Slope, where devotees of St. Anthony distributed bread, oil and lilies on the Feast of St. Anthony.

En la Iglesia de Our Lady Of Peace

En la Iglesia de Our Lady Of Peace
Procession, December 16, 2014
Humberto Rodriguez
En el condado de Park Slope, Brooklyn New york 11215. Comienzo de la prosecion q realizan cada a~o. En honor a `Nuestra Morenita Del Tepeyac` Mi barrio donde vivi mucho tiempo aqui.