Our Lady of Peace Blesses Gowanus Canal (Slideshow)

On Earth Day, Time to Bless Gowanus Canal
The Tablet, April 27, 2016
By Marie Elena Giossi
With Slideshow

Standing on the Carroll Street Bridge, participants offered prayers, reflections and hymns before pouring small bottles of holy water over the blue railing.

As the final drops trickled into one of the nation’s most contaminated waterways, Father Patrick Boyle, O.F.M., pastor of Our Lady of Peace, asked God to send forth His Spirit upon the waters of the canal “to gowanus3-552x375restore them to their natural beauty and wealth.”

Margaret Vollaro, a resident for 78 years, recalls a time when the canal “was nice, very beautiful.

“We had crabs running in here. But now,” her voice trailed off and she shook her head.

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